About Cohort

The world is no longer a place where professional and personal relationships need to be kept separate.

Throughout our careers, we build up a number of friendships, with people who share our common interests and values — these are not just people you know professionally. They have become friends.

It is this group of people that form your base. These are the people who are motivated to help you. These are the people who you want to see succeed.

This is not the same group of hundreds or thousands of LinkedIn contacts. Nor are they people you’re friends with on Facebook, but haven’t seen in years.

No, these are people who “know people”. They are people who you trust to be able to give you advice, or make a warm introduction on your behalf. They are people you have spent time with, who, if they called and asked for your help, you’d jump at the chance to do so.

They are your cohort, and they are waiting to help.

How Cohort works

Cohort helps you find the people you need through the people you already know and trust — your cohort.

It does this by conducting network analysis, detecting areas of interest and potential expertise, by looking at publicly available data, all packaged up neatly in an easy-to-use mobile app.

So when you’re looking for access to advice, expertise or someone in particular, you can search Cohort and find out who you know, who can help.

The Cohort Team

Eamon Leonard


Eoin Hurrell

Data Science Lead